A married couple of 5 years. Catherine and Michael have intermingled their photographic styles to capture the tale of your wedding day. Catherine graduated with a degree in commercial photography and concentrates on portraits with a natural and photojournalistic flair. Michael owned and operated a photography studio and lab in Alaska for 20 years. His approach is traditional with a touch of elegance. As the wonder of your wedding day gets underway, Catherine and Michael capture it in a non-obtrusive and spontaneous manner. One photographer can not possibly be everywhere during your wedding and we make every effort to see it all, without manipulation. We strive for natural and heartfelt emotions, working quietly and discreetly, catching a glimpse of people as they truly are. Because we are trained in traditional photography we will photograph all the family and friend portraits, we like to move quickly and appreciate having an assistant to help gather the appropriate members for portraits. We believe weddings are a special celebration and we make sure to translate the happiness and excitement, in memorable images. We look forward to sharing your extraordinary day.

                                                                              Catherine and Michael

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